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About Me


Hey hey...I'm Danielle and I'm the Nails Dealer!

Interesting About Me: I'm a #momof3TEENAGERS so regularly scatterbrained but I really try to keep it together. I also have a super supportive husband of 21 years who works for Xerox, 2 dogs and 2 cats! My house is LOUD and like a zoo!

I lived in South America before this, where my parents live in the same house I was a teen in, and I miss having family close, but I am thankful for so many friends who have become family in Michigan.

I have been buying and addicted to Color Street since early last summer, but only decided to begin in December 2018. So many people would ask me at the coffee shop, gas station, pharmacy, bank, grocery store, restaurants, or just about anywhere, where I had my cute manicures done, and I kept sending them to Eva - my upline - to buy their nail strips. I knew I needed to get in on this awesome startup company while it is still young and new and I am so glad I did! I love helping other women feel beautiful! You can always find me in jeans and a t-shirt, and I probably only do my makeup 1-2x a week at most, but having my nails done makes me feel gorgeous - and who wouldn’t love all those compliments? They sure do make a gal feel good! I can’t complain about the extra income and getting PAID to wear pretty nail polish either! I am so glad I finally gave in and signed up, which is funny as I have been against myself doing direct sales all my life but love supporting others who sell. I LOVE COLOR STREET!